Do You Need Water Heater Service?

The water heater is a valuable appliance that supplies heat to the home’s water supply. Without This appliance, the water is cold and it isn’t easy to do simple things like shower or wash dishes. It is because the appliance is one so often forgotten that leads to the quick demise of the unit. People simply don’t know when there is trouble. You can always call a Toronto plumbing service for an inspection, repair, or replacement, but how do you know that there is cause to worry?

Discolored/Rusty Water

The sight of rusty or discolored water alone is enough for most homeowners to pick up the phone and call a plumber. If you’re not one of those people, this is an instance to make a change. Rusty or discolored water coming out of the faucets in your home is indication that trouble is on the brinks somewhere along the system. Rusting from inside the tank is the usual culprit.

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The age of this appliance is one that can help you determine if it is time to upgrade or replace the unit. Older water heaters also endure more wear and tear than newer models, thus require professional service more often. Determine the age of the appliance, if you’re unsure, by evaluating the serial number. This number has a month code (MAR, for example,) followed by a series of letters. The first number is the month the appliance was manufactured. The next two numbers represent the year that the product was manufactured. Replace units 10 years old or older.


Smooth, quiet operation is one of the highlights of this appliance, so when it begins making noises, there is cause for concern. Buzzing, ringing, or rambling, strange noises are due to sedimentation in the bottom of the unit. This is sign that the unit is at the end of its life cycle. As such, it is less efficient, requires more maintenance, and is more susceptible to damage.  A plumber can help you learn more about the new, modern tanks so selecting the best model for your replacement needs is much easier.

These signs are a handful of the many that indicate it is time to update the water tank in your home. Pay attention to the unit and when there is trouble lurking beneath the surface and call for Toronto plumbing service at once.