Ways of Making Coffee at Home

Are you a huge fan of coffee? Do you love to drink a couple of cups a day? But maybe you are not happy with how much money you are spending on this habit. Say you are going to a coffee shop and you are getting a latte. You are probably spending $7 to $9 a day on coffee, without a doubt. That is a lot of money. In each instance, it does not feel like a lot. But when you add it up, you are going to see that you are putting in so much money towards this habit.

Now we are not saying that you should stop drinking coffee. If you are drinking it a couple times a day, it is not bad for you. It is a healthy drink and it gives you the energy that you need to get through your day. But what we will say is that you can be making this coffee at home. Even if you like lattes, you will see that espresso machines like the delonghi esam3300 are within your price range. Even though it may seem like dropping money on the Delonghi esam3300 is too much, think about what you save on your coffee purchases.

delonghi esam3300

If you were to use that machine, you could be spending $2 a day and getting you two lattes or espresso drinks. So you are saving around $5 to $7 every single day of the year. Add up those figures and you will see that even if you were to spend a whopping $1000 on an espresso machine, you would come out ahead in just one year. And these top espresso machines last a lot longer than one year! We believe it is a no brainer.

But what other ways can you make coffee at home? If you want to try things out on a budget, we recommend that you look into pour over coffee and cold brew. Pour over is great, because you just need a little contraption that you place on top of your coffee mug. You boil your water, place your beans and filter on the contraption and then you slowly pour the water over the coffee. In a couple minutes, you will have a delicious cup of coffee that tastes like you got it at a shop!